Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Still sick

I had 1 small piece of lunch meat and I was in bed the rest of the night and all day today with severe pain and nausea.  Eric was kind enough to bring home some delicious veggie pho.  These "flare ups" and constant pain is wearing me out as we are going on 11 month of it.  I am not sure what to do and neither do the doctors.  So, for now at least I will stick to a mostly vegan diet and only intake liquids during the flare ups and pray that questions will eventually be answered.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Luminaries night

Our neighborhood had a wonderful evening full of Christmas festivities complete with Santa, train rides, balloon making, cotton candy and all free to boot.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Fakeout

We thought yesterday was Tuesday.  Today is Friday.  Whoops!  So we are drinking hot chocolate out of fancy china and snacking on cookies while we enjoy this fast moving week.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mathias Christmas List

This oil painting set pictured above from Costco is his #1 non-toy list request b/c he loves Bob Ross and this set is a mini Bob Ross set.
There were also several really neat learning/interactive sets at Costco he liked as well.
And lots of wonderful books.
We love (the kids and myself) educational and interactive items that we can keep around for a long time.

*  A Tinker Crate subscription. Click here.

*  Chuck Black Audio books

*  He loves hobbies like whittling- to be honest, I don't know what is needed for something like that but it's what he likes right now.

Brielle's Christmas List Ideas

Last year we limited the gift giving due to the size of our home and the "stuff" was getting out of control.  Well, we feel that we would like to continue with the same precedent and keep limits on the toys.  After all, this season shouldn't be about us anyway.  With that said, I have compiled a few lists of the things the kids might enjoy.

1.  Books- Brielle loves to read.  And we are huge about curating our book collection with beautiful, junk free options for the kids to read.  The photo above shows a few collections from Costco we found.
2.  Anything "turtle" - for some reason this kid is in love with turtles.  
3.  The lamplighter theater CDs - these are beautiful and fully acted out.  The kids would love them.
Click here or here to check them out.
4.  Pajamas- nightgown style size 7-8.  She loves these kinds we found at Gymboree.  Click here to see.
5.  A Kiwi Crate Subscription/Box - the kids keep asking about these.  Click here.

Allie's Christmas List

A few items Allie liked from Costco.

1.  Audio books - this girl listens to hours of audio books every week.  She has almost exhausted our library's selection.  She love fantasy/fairytale books.  Like these and these. Or this.
2.  She enjoys art (so does brielle) - painting, coloring, finger knitting, etc.
3.  A doodle crate subscription/box. Click here.  I know the ages say 9+ years but I think Allie would really enjoy the mature project that are art related in this one.
4.  Pajamas - nightgown style size 10-12.  Here or similar.
5.  She also love to bake/cook.  I found this amazing program for a kid's cooking program.  Click here to see more.  She would LOVE it.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Babies, babies, babies

Allie is always surrounded by her 3 baby dolls when she sleeps.  How she hardly moves is astounding to me.  Haha.