Saturday, June 16, 2018

2017-2018 School Year Wrap up

We managed to push through and finish earlier than expected.  I was planning an end of June finish but the kids were motivated to be done and rocked it out.  They did great!  
Mathias will now be in 4th grade, Allie in 2nd grade and Brielle will be in an early version of 1st grade.  I am planning less busy work, more read alouds and lots of character/bible training.  We are also going to attempt Art Lessons together as well as Science.  
New curriculum choices will be:
  • The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts 
    • poetry, grammar, handwriting, spelling, phonics, art study, geography, etc.
  • The Good and The Beautiful History Year 1
  • Drawing with Children for art lessons
  • Beautiful Feet Character Training teaching through literature (really excited about this one)
  • Classical Conversations Cycle 1 memory work
  • Truth and Grace Catechism 
  • Journaling/Handwriting with cursive
  • Nature Studies through literature and journaling
  • The Good and The Beautiful Science
    • Safety Unit
    • Anthropoids Unit  

Friday, June 15, 2018

School Prep 2018

This week with the kids at VBS for about 3 hours a day I have been prepping our new school year.  Since we school year round we keep everything on a loop.  This next school year however I've decided to switch to all new curriculum (except math) and see how that goes.  I felt like last year was too much busy work and not enough bible, reading and simplicity.  Fingers crossed we like these new books!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

LEGO Sorting

Eric as been out of town this week so we have been keeping busy with activities post naps to distract us.  Mathias had the great idea when I was cleaning out the toy closet to organize all of the tens of thousands of LEGOs by color.  It's been a multi-day project with no end in sight!  I do NOT think we need any more LEGOs.

Monday, June 11, 2018

VBS 2018

The theme for this year's Vacation Bible School was GAME ON!  All things sports related.  The kids are having a blast, and I am enjoying a bit of quiet time to get things done.  Aren't they cute?!
All of the stimulation makes for very tired little people so our days look like this:  Early morning rise, VBS, pickup, lunch in the car, home for naps, tea time, hang out, early bed time.  Video of their music presentations to come.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Final School Push

This week looks like it just might be our last for the school year.  My goal was to finish no later than the end of June.  But the kids have put their nose to the grind and have flown through with a renewed vigor in hopes of finishing before their week of VBS which starts on the 11th of June.  I am super proud of their hard work this year combined with relocating to a new state and a lot of upheaval they have settled in- for the most part- and continue to make progress each day.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Weekend thoughts

This weekend we planted even more milkweed along our pool because we watched a Monarch butterfly lay at least 20 eggs the other day on our one plant.  Our concern that we would have enough for all of the hopefully future caterpillars grew dire and we decided that we would stock up on all that we could.  We are also trying to revive a peach tree and citrus tree in the far corner of our lot that have been overgrown and pest ridden.  Fingers crossed we can treat them so that we will have a harvest one day.  There was also late night swimming, church, brunch, and naps to round out our weekend.